Get Your Home Theater

Home Theater

  Today’s Home Theaters are far superior of the Home Theater from the 1980’s.  Stepping back to the days of Man Caves and Big Hair, having a top notch Home Theater was something us guys had to have.

  There was something really cool about having a few of “the boys” over on Sunday to watch a Football game on a 50″ flatscreen with the surround sound pumping out loud but fantastic sounds, making the walls vibrate and the cats run for cover. Not the same as actually being there, but close enough to still be great fun.

  Next to that was watching a really cool flick especially if it had a LOT of explosions! The surround sound Home Theater could create sounds that would tremble deep inside my belly and assault my ears.  The clarity of a flat screen TV had quickly and effortlessly removed glass tube TV’s from their glory and all of these parts together created a whole system that would knock your socks off!  

The Cost…

  I spent a lot of time and money “building” my first Home Theater. It took many months and the cost was somewhere in the neighborhood of $3,500 to $4,500. When all was said and done, it was a good system and a nice accomplishment. It was quite an expensive “TOY” but it had a lot of heart!

   The 27 inch glass-tubed Progressive Scan TV was not HD – (back in the 80’s, these were just beginning to hit the market). Although it weighed a ton, it was a top of the line model and offered a very nice, sharp, clean picture. My expensive – and impressive looking – polished nickel surround sound system had a lot of knobs and meters and looked like a machine from a NASA rocket, but it was quite useful for the tech of my day.

The Experience…   

  With 13 speakers situated around the living room – 6 of which cost over $100 each – I was totally blown-away to “hear” helicopters and airplanes approaching from behind me shortly before seeing them appear on-screen in front of me. I had read about how this new technology would change the way I watch movies, and indeed it did. Now I wa not just watching it, I was also “feeling” it as well.

   One of the first movies I watched on my new system was“The Fugitive” with Harrison Ford. The train wreck was the part I replayed about 32 times that night! And, just to further date that technology, I was playing that movie from a VHS video tape in a VCR. Another movie with great audio sounds was a Sylvester Stallone movie with Sharron Stone.  1994’s The Specialist was a movie that pitted explosives experts against one another and for a VHS tape, the sound was truly phenomenal! Oh, those were the days!

A Better Way…

   Today, you can save a LOT OF MONEY on your Home Theater System that is total “plug and play”. Literally! You take it out of the box, set it on the desk or table and plug it in. That’s it! Plug it in and enjoy!

  Today, the cost of ONE entire Home Theater system is only a little less that what I once paid for two speakers! By drastic contrast, today’s Home Theaters are FAR superior to anything I could have built 30 years ago. A lot of advancements have been achieved in the physical way these systems are made.

  Today, the cost for 6 speakers and tuner/amplifier are a mere drop in the proverbial bucket as compared to what it once cost. The quality is superior, the sound is far clearer and has deeper bass ands higher tenors, and the midrange is off the charts. 

  If you or anyone you know are even the least bit interested or perhaps considering a Home Theater System, take a look at the 2 great units we have for you here at



Exotic Meat For Heart Health

Exotic Meat For Heart Health  

   Exotic Meats, such as Ostrich, Alligator and Bison are quickly becoming a healthy-turn-to choice for meats. Healthy eating and living a healthier lifestyle has always been a priority for most Americans, but as this lifestyle shifts and evolves, so too does the ingredients that facilitate that effort. Getting enough “good” nutrition is a key player in this effort and new players are now being introduced to the game.

   Healthy eating and maintaining a healthier lifestyle does not necessarily mean you must NOT have this or that, although there is a lot of reality to that. A healthy diet also means to pick and choose foods that fill your nutritional and diet needs while being exciting, tasty and maybe a little adventurous at the same time.

 Three Exotic Meats To Try

   Here are three suggestions of meats that are loaded with protein, nutrition, excellent source of iron, omega-3’s and they are all very low in fat, good for the heart and have a superior flavor over regular Beef, Pork and Chicken.

American Alligator in a marsh
American Alligator in a marsh


   Alligator meat has been around for such a long time that most people do not blink at the suggestion of it being a main staple, or at least a tasty visitor in many daily meals. As common as eating Beef, Alligator is a staple in Louisiana, and can also be found in parts of Mississippi, Florida and Texas.

   Known for it’s flakey white meat, the Alligator is booming with a hoard of “good-for-you” things. Alligator meat is quite unique, compared to other popular meats such as Chicken, Beef and Fish and is high in protein and low in fat.  The most popular and arguably the best part of the meat is the tail. It has the texture similar to Veal (meat from calves) and the taste like the meat those of Chicken, Rabbit, or Fish.

WIld Bison on the prairie
Wild Bison on the prairie


   Bison is another high protein, low fat choice for healthy eating. Bison is mostly grass fed and free-range raised and provides the consumer with nutritional meat with as many Omega-3s per serving as Salmon and six times as much as grain-fed animals. Bison is a top pick for a healthy heart by the American Heart and American Diabetes associations. Grass-fed Bison also has four times more Vitamin E than Beef and is also a good source of Beta-Carotene which reduces the risk of Cancer.

Ostrich checking on her eggs
Ostrich checking on her eggs


   Do Ostriches really bury their head in the dirt? I DO have the answer to that question, but that is for another post on another day. Ostrich’s, like Bison, Elk and Wild Boar (and many others!) have been gaining strong favorable recognition as a major source of a protein rich diet. With an extremely low amount of fat and high amounts of flavor, nutrition and protein, the Ostrich is quickly becoming accepted as a taster, and healthier alternative to Beef patties.

A Comparison

   Comparing Ostrich to Chicken, Beef, Lamb and Pork, it has less than half the fat of Chicken and two-thirds less fat than Beef and Pork, less cholesterol than Beef, Chicken, Pork, or Lamb, fewer calories than Beef, Chicken, Pork, Turkey or Lamb, has more iron than Beef, Chicken, Pork, Turkey or Lamb, has more iron, is naturally rich in protein, and does not attract harmful bacteria like E-coli or salmonella because of it’s ideal pH balance.

  This is just the beginning of a long and growing list of good for you, exotic meats that have been around for a long time but are just now finding their footing in the spotlight. If you have ever simply wondered what some of these meats are like, I encourage you to reach out to my friends at Fossil Farms and give it a try.

BP Cosby –







Easter Themed Coloring Books! – 2017

           BP Cosby               4.11.17     

  In my last blog “Easter Is Dead: Here Is How We Fix It”, I talked about giving yourself a seasonal treat while continuing the tradition of treating the kids to chocolate bunnies and egg hunts. I suggested that we – the older kids (adults) – should consider giving ourselves a treat since we work had all year round, attending to the needs of the family – both young and old alike – working our full time jobs, paying the bills, attending music recitals, school functions, sporting events and other extracurricular activities….and that is why I made this suggestion.

  I hope that someone somewhere will take me up on this and reward yourself for ALL of the endless and thankless tasks you KNOW you do!. Perhaps this could turn into a new tradition at your house? Just an idea…

  Recently, I stumbled upon some – more or less – adult aged, Easter Themed coloring books. I bought the rights to sell them simply because it seems like a really cool idea! I have the rights to a set of 4 – 20 to 23 page Easter Themed (adult) coloring books, and I want to offer them to you now, just in time for Easter.

  Each volume is a one of a kind, never before seen, will never see on a store shelf kind of book that will keep you – the big kid – (or a youngster in your household) – creatively engaged for hours on end. They are complex in their design, so they may be a little more than the younger ones may care for, but coloring for adults has been the hot wave for the last 2 years now so why not play along?

  So, if you would care to try this out, click here and you will be taken to a landing page on my website where you will see another button. By clicking that button, you will be directed to a Paypal payment page, then after you make the payment, you will be sent back to my website where you can download your book. The cost of each book – only through this blog and only for a short time – is presently $5.00. After Easter, the cost will go up to $8.50 per book and will be found only on my website.

  Presently, I only have the first one – Volume One – ready to be purchased and downloaded, however, I am working to the best of my ability to get the other 3 – Volumes 2, 3 and 4 – ready to sell. If you can not buy and download the other three by following the links in this blog today, wait for a day and try it again. I aim to have them all loaded up and ready to download by the end of this week – April 14, 2017.

  Thank you for taking a minute from your busy schedule and giving this blog a quick read. I hope that this offer is something you are interested in and will enjoy for a long time to come. Stay tuned as I plan to add a lot MORE books to my list in the months to come!!

Happy Easter!




Easter is Dead! – This is How We Fix It!

Easter Is Dead! – This Is How We Fix It!

BP Cosby                 4/2/17            

(Please see the PS: note at the end of this blog.)

   It is like no other holiday on the calendar. Other than being the single most spiritually important, and debatably one of the two most significant events in the history of the Christian Faith, Easter is a majestic time of year. It symbolizes the end of winter, that dark, wet, cold and brooding time of year where we all hunker down to ride out several months of raw, unpredictable and wild swings of nature’s heartless dark side. 

Easter decoration with rabbits,eggs and flowers.

   Easter serves as the opening of a door to a rebirth, a reemergence, the arrival to the other side of life after what seems to be the death and morning period of the past seasons. Easter is also a time of chocolate bunny’s, Easter eggs, jelly beans and wicker baskets overflowing with fake green grass and an abundance of joy and renewed enthusiasm.

   Unlike Christmas, which has become far too serialized, materialized, disconnected and sadly, is just one big vehicle to make merchandisers a TON of money, It is just one big disappointing turn-off for me personally. But while it is true that a lot of money WILL be made from Easter sales on everything from new shoes, dresses, coats, hats, chocolate bunny’s, baskets, eggs and so on, Easter still retains a certain reverence for me and I hope I never lose sight of that.

**Note: The National Retail federation estimates that Americans will collectively spend $17.3 billion on clothing, food, decorations, and other holiday items this Easter, up from $16.4 billion last year. We’ll spend $2.4 billion strictly on candy for the holiday, up from an estimated $2.2 billion last Easter.

**Note: Trumped by Halloween, Easter is known as the second best-selling candy holiday in the nation. Americans spend an average of $2 billion on Halloween candy, $1.9 billion on Easter candy, $1.4 billion on Christmas candy and $1 billion on Valentine’s Day candy!

   From this single perspective, I fully understand the financial prominence this (and all the holidays in general) pose for the marketers, merchants, advertisers and candy producers alike, however, Easter, is still a deeply spiritual event for adults and an enormously magical time for kids.

   It seems that we adults exert tremendous efforts to establish a personal, but very significant, if not poignant connection with the Easter holiday. We create elaborate pentacles to demonstrate and express this spiritual importance – the magnitude – of what the Easter season means to us; what it really stands for and what it truly represents.

   We feel a sense of wonder, respect, awe, bewilderment and perhaps we are greatly humbled by these experiences. Easter, is also a Spring break for the kids. They are set free from school to stretch their legs after a long winter locked away inside.

   We hard working adults typically are not allowed the pleasure of a Spring break, and instead we continue our daily labor with a goal to make it to the end of the day first, then to make it through to the end of the week!

   And speaking of such things, why is it that the kids get to have all of the fun? Everyday we go to work in the cold, wet, dry, hot weather, fight unending traffic, tolerate loud coworkers, smelly work stations, arrogant or whiny bosses, temperamental computers, deal with nasty bathrooms and foul break-room protocol, craving to punch the clock at the end of the day. Then, we go home and rest so we can get up the next day and do it all over again. Sigh…

How Jelly Beans Are Made

   So, why do the kids get to have all of the rewards? All the breaks? All of the fun? I guess simply because they are kids and that is what WE do for them. However, I have a growing concept that perhaps it is time for a change!! Maybe we should declare 2017 as an Adult Easter, where WE, the (so called) Adults get to have just as much fun as our kids! Whatta-ya-think? Sound like a winner?!

   So today I will offer to you suggestions for YOUR “Adult Easter”. Easter is NOT just for the kids anymore. It should be a happy and joyful time for us hard working grown-up people just as much as it is for the kids. So, that being said, what can we do to reward ourselves? Take a look at this…

   We do not have to wait until Summer arrives to start spending time outdoors around the grill feeding mosquito’s and swattin’ fly’s, so here are a few suggestions to get that idea pitched to you….

   Visit: Chicago Steak, Fossil Farms,  Wine Club, Beer Club,

   For more information about any or all of these ides, I encourage you to take a minute and visit my (other) website at

   That said…I will remain steadfast with the brainchild revelation that us Big Kids should have some fun and enjoyment too! We slave away at our jobs and raise our families day after day, week after week, year after year, so YES!, YES you DO deserve it. You know you do. I know You Do Too!

   So this year, for Easter, do yourself a favor and allow yourself the privilege of having some fun! When you get the Easter basket for the kids, remember to give one to yourself as well. Easter IS only once a year and you deserve the best!!

An assortment of jelly beans

Happy Easter!!

PS: All this talk about cooking and food and eating has reminded me…I have a NEW book on Amazon for Kindle I want to share with you. It is called “Healthy Breakfasts For A Week.

Healthy Breakfasts For A Week

The book gives you 7 recipes – one for each day of the week, to introduce you to low-Carb, High Energy recipes that are easy to make, good for you and they will not bust your waist-line! Here is a link that will take you right to it.  This is the first in a 5 book series and the rest will be getting posted on Amazon for Kindle SOON! Go HERE and be one of the very first to check it out!



Sausage & Green Beer – It Must Be… St. Patrick’s Day: 2017

 Tick, tick, tick….the clock never seems to quit ticking! Just the other day I put out a post about Christmas, then, what seems to be just a few days later, I posted one about New Year’s Eve, then I followed that one up with 2 about Valentine’s Day.

 Now, here I am again, putting together another one and this time it is about St. Patrick’s Day of 2017! Holy Snap!, where does the daylight go!?

 Yes, that day is here once again where we wear Green, talk funny and drink green beer. Personally, I wear green at least once every other week, I always talk funny – I am a Southerner and live in Georgia (USA), and I am not much of a beer drinker.

 Besides, it is just food coloring that gives the brews their Irish tint, but if you are craving a green one, then never mind me, just throw one back and think of me when you do so.

 But this day DOES offer me the prime opportunity to wear my hunter Green pair of suspenders that otherwise sees very little light of day. So there is that…plus the sausages…

So, with that, let me ask you a question. Do you plan on drinking a Green Beer on St. Patrick’s Day this year? If so, tell me why in an answer in the comment section below. Just curious, that is all.

 For me, March 17th is just another day – sorry to disappoint – because in my world, everyday is a work day, just not every work day is the ’employment’ kind.

 Working full time, care giving for my nearly 84 year old Mother, caring for a 74 year old friend (in a minimal way) all while trying to spend as much time as I can developing and building an online business, putting effort into my Sunday Church responsibilities, well, like I said, everyday is a workday for me in some way shape or form.

 But St. Patties Day is for some an opportunity to “be Irish for a day”, and that is all well and fine, it just does little for me. But one thing I DO like about it is eating sausage! I like eating sausage! Corned Beef, not so much! But sausage…yeah baby!!

  I am a carnivore! I LOVE eating meat, cooking it, nibbling it, smelling it, ooohhhh my…but I also love all of the taters, veggies and fruits, the side dishes and all of the rest that comes with it. That is actually why I originally began blogging – to talk about good food!



And also, this is the primary staple of my online business, offering you – my readers – a source for gourmet and exotic meats and top notch fruits, nuts, gift baskets and chocolates that is sure to please the most fickle of sweet tooth’s – not a correct use of the word, but you get my point.

 To learn more about the products I promote, go here  and you will see the many interesting things I have to offer. I am also putting together a (rapidly growing) collection of books for sale that talk about food in various ways.

 The books will be all about food, suggest ways to plan meals, get you to consider how you think about food and later, I will be adding cook books focused on one certain food per book and the cost begins at $3.00. See below for more information about these books…

 Not to mention – and let this serve as a reminder – Easter is coming! It WILL be here very soon! So, in all fairness, why not go ahead and get started on getting your Easter baskets, Jelly Beans and chocolate eggs.

 Let me ‘ponder’ you another question. Let’s say you are invited to a back-yard cookout on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. The host claims that St. Patrick is a gate-keeper and this “special day” is actually marking the closing of the gates to the winter months while simultaneously ushering in the days of Spring and Easter which are now only a few weeks away, by-the-way!

 Before you attend this party, the host asks you, and the other invitees as well, to choose between 6 kinds of meat and the selection that gets the most votes is what he will grill and serve to everyone.

 So, of the following meats, which ONE would you choose to have grilled for you (any why)…AlligatorBisonWild BoarBeef Steakor a top of the line Salmon Fillet? Hum…! Decisions, decisions, decisions…!!


 Like with the question above, write your answer in the comments below. Why did you select that particular one or, why Not? – I really want to know what your choice is. My choice was simple….ALL OF THEM!!

 Speaking of grilling, St. Patrick’s Day also signals that it is time to knock the dust off the gas and charcoal grills – (electric and wood burning grills too) – hidden away for safe keeping from the “Gales of September”. If you are interested in checking out another of my favorite affiliates who sell some of the best grilling meat on the planet, check out the Chicago Steak Company.

 These guys have a couple of real nice assorted packages that gives you a taste of the meat selections they have to offer. And, if you like the variety pack and hunger for more – or just more often! – you should take a close look at a 6-month or 12-month club subscription that is not too hard on the billfold, and will keep your freezer well stocked and your grill working overtime!

 And, if you are into beer whilst you sear, here is a monthly subscription where you can get different beer flavors sent to your front door once a month. Again, you can visit my website – –  to see the monthly clubs I have listed there. These make great gifts for others all year long as well as serve as a nice “self reward” or indulgence for yourself.

 So, there it is…a dialog about St. Patrick’s Day and a new way to look at it. Just as Labor Day marks the end of the Summer season, I dare say to let St. Patrick’s Day mark the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. What do YOU think? Fire up the barbe and pass me a green one and we will sit down and talk about it. Cheers!


The book you see here is the first of a set of 5 books that offer 7 low-carb, high flavor meals to help you understand how to create a better balanced diet. The first one, “Healthy Breakfast For A Week” gives you 7 examples – 7 recipes – that are high in protein and flavor and very easy to make. The other 4 books deal with Dinner, Lunch, Desserts and Snacks and will each be ready to promote, post on my web site and sell in the coming months ahead.

Healthy Breakfast For A Week – Coming Soon

There are another 20+ other titles I want to put together for you – the reader – but I want to get an idea of what to expect when I release these books for purchase. So, if you will be so kind, let me ask you a few questions and please leave me an answer in the comments….I really DO want to know your answers…

Do you like to buy cook-books?

How much would you pay for a cook -book? $5.00? $10.00? $12.00? $15.00?

If the book is in digital format ONLY – in a PDF downloadable file – would you still buy it?

Thank you for reading my blog and especially for answering these short questions. Your answers will play a vital role in the direction I take – with these books, and those I am planning to make in the days and weeks ahead!!