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Home Theater

  Today’s Home Theaters are far superior of the Home Theater from the 1980’s.  Stepping back to the days of Man Caves and Big Hair, having a top notch Home Theater was something us guys had to have.

  There was something really cool about having a few of “the boys” over on Sunday to watch a Football game on a 50″ flatscreen with the surround sound pumping out loud but fantastic sounds, making the walls vibrate and the cats run for cover. Not the same as actually being there, but close enough to still be great fun.

  Next to that was watching a really cool flick especially if it had a LOT of explosions! The surround sound Home Theater could create sounds that would tremble deep inside my belly and assault my ears.  The clarity of a flat screen TV had quickly and effortlessly removed glass tube TV’s from their glory and all of these parts together created a whole system that would knock your socks off!  

The Cost…

  I spent a lot of time and money “building” my first Home Theater. It took many months and the cost was somewhere in the neighborhood of $3,500 to $4,500. When all was said and done, it was a good system and a nice accomplishment. It was quite an expensive “TOY” but it had a lot of heart!

   The 27 inch glass-tubed Progressive Scan TV was not HD – (back in the 80’s, these were just beginning to hit the market). Although it weighed a ton, it was a top of the line model and offered a very nice, sharp, clean picture. My expensive – and impressive looking – polished nickel surround sound system had a lot of knobs and meters and looked like a machine from a NASA rocket, but it was quite useful for the tech of my day.

The Experience…   

  With 13 speakers situated around the living room – 6 of which cost over $100 each – I was totally blown-away to “hear” helicopters and airplanes approaching from behind me shortly before seeing them appear on-screen in front of me. I had read about how this new technology would change the way I watch movies, and indeed it did. Now I wa not just watching it, I was also “feeling” it as well.

   One of the first movies I watched on my new system was“The Fugitive” with Harrison Ford. The train wreck was the part I replayed about 32 times that night! And, just to further date that technology, I was playing that movie from a VHS video tape in a VCR. Another movie with great audio sounds was a Sylvester Stallone movie with Sharron Stone.  1994’s The Specialist was a movie that pitted explosives experts against one another and for a VHS tape, the sound was truly phenomenal! Oh, those were the days!

A Better Way…

   Today, you can save a LOT OF MONEY on your Home Theater System that is total “plug and play”. Literally! You take it out of the box, set it on the desk or table and plug it in. That’s it! Plug it in and enjoy!

  Today, the cost of ONE entire Home Theater system is only a little less that what I once paid for two speakers! By drastic contrast, today’s Home Theaters are FAR superior to anything I could have built 30 years ago. A lot of advancements have been achieved in the physical way these systems are made.

  Today, the cost for 6 speakers and tuner/amplifier are a mere drop in the proverbial bucket as compared to what it once cost. The quality is superior, the sound is far clearer and has deeper bass ands higher tenors, and the midrange is off the charts. 

  If you or anyone you know are even the least bit interested or perhaps considering a Home Theater System, take a look at the 2 great units we have for you here at